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Horizontal End Suction Back Pullout Pumps. Type CD

Type CD


Suitable for pumping hot and cold water, clean or slightly turbid, non-aggressive liquid, condensate, liquors, water supply, irrigation and general industrial purposes.

Areas include:  Irrigation,Sprinkling, Fire Fighting, Boosting, Pumping Brine, Air Conditioning Service, Condensate Water

Range of Sizes:

Suction and Delivery:50 x 32 mm - 300 x 250 mm
Capacity: 5 m3 / hr - 900 m3 / hr
Head: 6 m to 150 m
Speed: 1450, 2900 RPM  
Design Features:

GITA 'CD' type pumps are end suction, horizontal shaft, back pull out design.  Pumps conform to DIN - 24255

  • Casing: Centerline discharge ,self venting high efficiency volute type, having integrally cast suction and delivery nozzle as well as supporting feet.  Back pullout design with spacer coupling enables rotor assembly to be removed without disturbing suction and delivery pipelines. Supporting feet are integrally cast with the casing.
  • Impeller: Fully enclosed type, dynamically balanced impeller is designed to give high efficiency requiring low NPSH. Hydraulic balancing is done by providing back vanes and balancing holes close to the hub.
  • Shaft: Liberally designed shaft is supported on deep groove ball bearings lubricated by oil.
  • Shaft Seal: Standard pumps are supplied with conventional packing type stuffing box. Mechanical seal with flushing liquid connection is optional .Water cooling can be provided for high temperature liquids.
  • Flanges: Drilling in flanges is provided as per DIN 2533/Din 2543 1SS or BS, as per customers requirement.
  • Interchangeability: Considerable saving is made up in spare in spare parts inventory by using Gita "KC/CD' pumps. There are only 5 bearing brackets sub-assemblies to cover 40 models.

Last updated:    1 March 2014

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