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Hydraulically Dynamically Sealed Leakproof Pumps with Double Impeller. Type DS

Dynamically sealed pump

Dynamically sealed pump


Various applications like juice, syrup, melt, or any material where leakage must be prevented.

Range of Sizes:

Size: 32 mm to 500 mm delivery
Capacity: Up to 900 m3 / hr
Head: Upto 100 m
Speed: 1450 RPM
Temperature: Up to 100 C

Design Features:

We manufacture a special leak proof pump having a unique design feature. This employs an auxilliary impeller housed in a chamber just behind the main impeller and mounted on the main pump shaft. Any leakage from the pump is collected in this chamber and pumped back to the suction of the pump by the auxilliary impeller. Therefore there is no leakage through the gland box, resulting in savings to the customer

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