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Rotary Gear Pumps. Type GR

Rotary Gear Pump


Gear Pumps are excellent for pumping thick and viscous liquids, oils, fats, soap water, tar, varnishes, syrups, lyes, molasses, tank unloading and loading

Range of Sizes:

Size: 1" x 1" to 8" x 8"

Design Features:

Gita Gear pumps are of rotary class. Two gears housed in circular casings have their teeth meshed. The side on which the gear teeth separate is suction and the other side where they close is the delivery. As the gear teeth separate on the suction side of the pump, liquid fills the spaces between them. It is carried around and squeezed as the teeth mesh on the delivery side. These pumps have double helical cut herringbone teeth gears. Such gears eliminate and axial thrust and axial running of gears.

Model GR pumps have driving and driven shaft mounted in bush type bearings which are either self lubricated type of lubricated by the fluid pumped or externally by means of grease cups provided on end covers. Extra deep packing type stuffing box is provided to eliminate leakage.


Casing and covers are made of high grade cast iron or cast steel. Gears are available in alloy steel duly case hardened or bronze. Shafts are made of carbon steel.

Direction of Rotation:

Looking at the coupling end of drive shaft, the pump rotates clockwise, the drive shaft being above the idler shaft. in this position, the suction flange of the pump on on the left hand side and the delivery flange on the right hand side.


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