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Horizontal Split Casing Two Stage Pumps. Type ST

Horizontal Split Casing Two Stage Type ST


Booster Service, Firefighting, Mines, Process Industries, Water Works, Irrigation

Range of Sizes:

Size: 50 mm to 150 mm Delivery Size
Capacity: Up to  500 m3 / HR
Head: Up to 250 m
Speed: 1450 RPM

Design Features:

Gita make 'ST pumps are horizontal split casing, horizontal shaft, two stage centrifugal pumps. They employ two single  entry closed impellers, mounted on shaft with suction in opposite direction. This arrangement balances the end thrust hydraulically.

Construction Details

  • Casing: Close grained cast iron, split horizontally, lower contains delivery and suction branches. Easy inspection by removing upper half and rotor assembly.
  • Impeller: Closed impeller, machined all over ,internal passages smooth finished for high efficiency, dynamically balanced after assembling on shaft.
  • Shaft: Designed for maximum load with adequate factor of safely ,accurately ground and finished, effectively protected from liquid to be pumped.
  • Impeller Neck Rings: Renewable neck rings are provided to keep suction improved, secured improved, secured in casting bore by half spigot joint.
  • Bearings Antifriction grease lubricated , heavy duty both side ball bearings capable of continuous operation.
  • Flanges: Drilled to BS 10 table D or ISS or other standard as per customer's specifications.
  • Rotation: Standard is clockwise, looking from driver end, other as per requirement.

Last updated:    1 March 2014

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